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  1. I am a teacher of 20 years, masters of education. I have struggled the last 4 years in education. My first 15 were a dream. I was on committees, teacher of the year, on the news, feeling like a great educator.
    Unfortunately, our superintendant quit. We had a few after but the district was not running smoothly. A new director of Elementary Education was hired and she was unfortunately, a teacher who i had won teacher of the year over, and was resentful. I am afraid this is where my problems began. Coaches treated me horribly, principals were condescending, I have felt unsure of anything I am doing for the past 4 years. I seem to offend everyone.
    We had a new super about 2 years ago. I was hopeful. She came right up to me as she as assistant years before. I thought things would change. I am afraid she was told names of those of us who are boat rockers in the district, and since then i have been dubbed a problem team maker, and all the other afore mentioned leaders have been abusive.
    The final straw was recent. A para pro who was close to our coach, who has always treated me poorly, came into my classroom and took charge, told my principal some things about me. I asked her to come to me instead. She was telling her other paras about it in the hallway and one said, “we appreciate you, what happened?” I said, “She is upset with me.” in a very calm voice, I walked over and said, “I just wish you would come talk to me.” I have since received a reprimand stating I berated her and violated ethic, ‘to treat educators as equals’. M
    My union rep says my acting upset isn’t helping my case, and that it is not a big deal, reprimands aren’t a big deal. But according to 4 teachers, 2 from my school and 2 from our district, this is the beginning of me being fired.
    I cannot begin to explain my devastation. I don’t sleep. My past twenty years was spent enjoying an identity I was proud of, and that is gone. I feel I have nobody to turn to. My other teacher friends suffer PTSD and I feel that is me also as my body is locked up and I am having night mares.
    I have never had a complaint from a parent or student and have an amazing reputation with both.
    This should not be happening to us, it is devastating and dehumanizing.

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