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  1. Dear Sirs:

    I am an NYCDOE Social Studies teacher.
    Would like to learn more about your organization and possible

    Thank you, Bruce Guttman
    516 364 4254

  2. . I’ve sent numerous copies of my “Updates” to Council Corp. Zachary Carter, however, the alleged conspiratorial fraud still continues. Is Attorney Carter auditioning to replace or join Justice Thomas on the U.S. Supreme Court? What has happened to our moral compass, are we surrendering to the ugliness of racism, greed, and or politics? On or around September 28, 2011, the NYC’s Special Investigator Christopher Dalton was served with my Summons and Complaint and Judge Silvia Ash’s Subpoena; they were not answered. The anonymous defendants that allegedly accused me of assault are still known as Students A, B, C, and D, and there is still no proof that they ever existed, so how come no one was ever charged with contempt of Court?

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