UFT Elections 2019 – Issues – Community Schools

Community School

UFT Solidarity believes that each community public school should be a central point of the community. It should be open 12 hours and made available to the whole community after the students are finished with their normal classes. Whether it be adult education or family fun activities, the building space should not shut down at 4 PM. We would love to see these schools have great arts and sports programs of the kind which were once part of the “Night Centers” that existed in schools before they were shut down in the late 70’s.

Volunteers and Community Based Organizations (CBO) can help facilitate this initiative. Additional costs will include custodial and school safety agents. City owned buildings within close proximity to most neighborhoods are available throughout the city.

School Map

Map of all NYCDOE Schools

Expand community schools initiatives and keep schools communities open into the evening hours for students, parents and community residents.


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