Community says “Enough!” and Rallies to Remove an Abusive Administrator

What effect does a poor educational leader have on a school? On students? On a community?

What standards are NYC DOE principals held to? At what point does the chancellor’s office say enough?

Come join a coalition of educators from UFT Solidarity Caucus, New Action, Don’t Tread on Educators, parents and students to send a message on March 26, 2015.

“Only the best at our schools! Only the best for our students! Only the best support for our teachers! Everything else MUST GO!”

William C Bryant Rally March 26, 2015

William C Bryant Rally March 26, 2015

Don’t our students deserve better? Don’t they deserve the best? Please share and distribute this page and Flyer.


Not convinced there is a problem at Bryant High School?


Principal Namita DwarkaWilliam Cullen Bryant High School (ANOI)

Principal cheats on tests by pretending students are English Language Learners

Students protest principal at Bryant High School in Long Island City

Teachers: Despised Queens principal changed grades from failing to passing

Principal Namita Dwarka Won’t Allow Injured Queens Teen To Learn From Home « CBS New York

$195K unaccounted for at NYC high school

In addition to Chancellor Carmen Farina, the responsibility should also be focused on:

Superintendent Juan Mendez 718-281-7696

Network Leader Joseph Zaza 718-281-7520

Cluster Leader Despena Zaharakis 718-281-3411

Deputy Cluster Leader Thomas Fox 718-557-2719

and DOE Attorneys Matt Fleming, Senior Field Counsel 718-391-8219




Rally in Solidarity with William C Bryant school community on March 26, 2015

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  1. Another fine product of the Bloomberg administration. Maybe Joelly Klein can laud her in his new book.

  2. You need to find out who her rabbi is down at Tweed.

  3. This is ridiculous! Obviously some of the allegations must be untrue since she still has her position and isn’t in jail. I totally agreed with her decision to not permit the student do her work from home. If she has issues with crutches, she can get a wheelchair. If she isn’t bedridden then she needs to go to school! End of story. The unaccounted money issue. I’m sure if there’s unaccounted $$ the govt is aware of it and is probably investigating for fraud. As far as her staff not liking her. She holds a leadership position, if everyone were to like her then she would not be doing her job.

  4. Veteran Teachers Fighting United

    The regents scores have plummeted, teachers are passing students with more than 10 days absent. She just removed a teacher for incompetence when he was rated developing the previous year. The real reason he has reported hazardous conditions to OSHA, and the Chancellor still supports this corrupt Principal.

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