September Return: What Will Teachers Face?

Opening schools in September must involve many critical safety protocols, already in place in medical facilities, public buildings, and businesses. These include: 1. Availability of universal testing for Covid infection and antibodies 2. Screening (questioning) for prior Covid exposure  3. Checking each person’s temperature at building entrances  Sanitation protocols include:… Read More

Things to Know- April 24

This week’s update is focused on how the City’s budget cuts are affecting us. The letter also focuses more on national politics than previous letters that only focused on DOE and NYC issues. But the root of the budget cuts problem is at the federal level, so please take time to consider the following…. Read More


The Department of Education, in consultation with the union, has issued new guidance to principals about issues facing our schools during this challenging time. The FAQ released by the DOE this week answers some of the pressing questions that have arisen since we entered the remote teaching and learning era on March… Read More