Elect Gregory Quinn as UFT Chapter Leader for Social Workers and School Psychologists

UFT Solidarity voted to endorse Gregory Quinn as UFT chapter leader social workers and school psychologists. Please share with ones you know. Win with Quinn! Ballots are already out. If you haven’t received one, contact Ray Frankel who coordinates the election for a ballot. Rfrankel@uft.org More here : https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=340335805987820 Read More

NYC Educator Groups Rally in Solidarity to Support Hundreds Unfairly Fired Teachers

Fired for what reason? One asked for mentoring. Another asked for necessary curriculum. Another exposed that children weren’t being serviced properly. Many others raised concerns about violence in their schools. The stories keep pouring in with one being worse than the other. Read More

UFT Solidarity, New Action and Alumni Stood Tall in Support of the William Bryant HS Community

We may stand alone, or with a thousand other people, but on Thursday March 26, 2015, we stood for something. We were there to support the students and staff of William Bryant HS and push for the removal of Principal Namita Dwarka.   Despite unfavorable weather  and lack of support from the UFT… Read More

Community says “Enough!” and Rallies to Remove an Abusive Administrator

What effect does a poor educational leader have on a school? On students? On a community? What standards are NYC DOE principals held to? At what point does the chancellor’s office say enough? Come join a coalition of educators from UFT Solidarity Caucus, New Action, Don’t Tread on Educators, parents… Read More