Claims of non-tenured teachers of color being let go in New York

In an interview with the Amsterdam News, African-American teacher Steven Mollette, a 10-year veteran who was let go last year from M.S. 232 in the Bronx, said, “I don’t know why I was discontinued. The documents they submitted were my evaluations, which had all satisfactory ratings, not great, but satisfactory rather than ineffective. Not grounds for termination, and the other thing I submitted was my attendance record. Out of 180 teaching days, I had only three minutes total lateness for an entire school year. I don’t know why from that information I was discontinued.” Read More

Rally Against Superintendent Aimee Horowitz: A Common Denominator in “Fixing” Schools.

Superintendent Aimee Horowitz and Chancellor Farina

Taking a page out of Bloomberg’s school governance handbook, Principals under Superintendent Aimee Horowitz are permitted to fudge grades in a variety of ways: credit recovery, Regents “scrubbing”, falsified attendance reports, and a “free 55” for zero work completed. As evidenced by the latest cheating scandals, these practices have been… Read More