Caring Administrators Really Exist (CARE) List is now live!

Thank you dear members for your patience and nominations. You all have surpassed our expectations with the number of nominations of administrators from across all five borough and across different grade bands.

We have decided to call this list the CARE List (thank you to those who voted and the amazing member who suggested this very catchy, appropriate acronym). For background on the creation of the CARE list, please go to this article.

Without further ado, please click on this link to “meet” the 39 (and counting!) administrators you all deemed to be the “good ones.”

Disclaimer: We acknowledge, in the words of one Solidarity member, that “one person’s good admin may be the admin-from-hell for another.” We understand people’s personalities and values may clash or cause conflict with administrators. If you chose to leave a comment, please refrain from foul language. The purpose of the CARE List is to give people to space to share what they APPRECIATE about their admin and to hear from others as to how they want the school to further improve.

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