Caring Administrators Really Exist (CARE) List

I see you, CARE List nominees!

Collaboration is key to a healthy and safe school community that fosters education for our 1.1 million students. While many of our 1,800 schools communities lack quality educational leaders, we are happy to report that we have been hearing positive stories of great educational leaders in our schools. UFT Solidarity has made it our mission to find these diamonds in the rough and celebrate them here!

We asked the community to nominate not just principals, but any administrators that are leading adults and children with love, logic, fairness, and dignity. This includes instructional coaches, assistant principals, district leadership, and borough support staff.

To nominate an individual not currently on the list, click here for the form.

  1. Acquafredda, Sandy
  2. Antoine, Louise
  3. Balbuena, Patricia
  4. Benevento, Paulette
  5. Bender, Maria
  6. Capetanakis, Jayne
  7. Caputo, James
  8. Casale, Michael
  9. Celestine, Cynthia
  10. Cohen, Jodi
  11. Conti, Scott
  12. Contreras, Eric
  13. Demos, Nina
  14. Derrig, Danielle
  15. Esdelle, Karen
  16. Estevez, Elvis
  17. Fanning, David
  18. Farrow, Deb
  19. Francis, Tosha-Lyn
  20. Foreman, Jason
  21. Fucheck, Greg
  22. Goring, Jessica
  23. Guy, Herman
  24. Gucciardino, Maria
  25. Harris, Neil
  26. Hernandez, Martin
  27. Hill, Kim
  28. Hong, Yuqing
  29. House, Mark
  30. Huggins, Carrie
  31. James, Judith
  32. Johnson, Asya
  33. Khavina, Yuliya
  34. Kiernan, Deborah
  35. Lapointe, Marc
  36. Leong, April
  37. Losurdo, Chris
  38. Lovett, Abigail
  39. Lucas, John
  40. Macri, Rocco
  41. Mandel, Faiga
  42. Mastrogiovanni, Laura
  43. Meyerson, Matthew
  44. McKoy, April
  45. O’Neill, Maureen
  46. Perlberg, Michael
  47. Pimentel-Rodriguez, Suheil
  48. Perez, Tiawana
  49. Perrini, Daphne
  50. Quatrano, Cheryl
  51. Rabin, Chana
  52. Radoslovich, Jackie
  53. Ramos, Suany
  54. Riccio, Jessica
  55. Robbins, Jeff
  56. Rueda-Mattock, Elizabeth
  57. Russell, Ebony
  58. Santos, Edward
  59. Sannon-Brown, Fritzy
  60. Scott Parker, David
  61. Scamardella, Sophie
  62. Sheeran, Douglas
  63. Shu, Emily
  64. Spalding, Jennifer
  65. Tang, Maggie
  66. Wang, Molly
  67. White, D
  68. Wright, Latisha
  69. Yarbrough, Jesse
  70. Zambrano-Burakov, Ana

To nominate an individual not currently on the list, click here for the form.

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