Robert L. Burnside

Robert L. Burnside

School of the Future Brooklyn

574 Dumont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207

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  1. During whole staff meetings he said he will run people over who get in his way. He also asked many teacher to leave the school and check open market. He also gave many teachers ineffectives who had effective previous years. He also discontinued teachers without ever having a conversation of such. He also bad mouthed teachers, students, and parents to others. He did not comply with committees he was supposed to have because he felt the staff was not ready despite many teachers being in leadership positions for many years previously. He also told teachers to tell kids they had insufficient answers on state tests and shamed teachers who refused to do this since it is illegal. He would also frequently yell and scream at teachers regardless who was present. He also took down teachers bulletin boards and then rated teachers’ bulletin boards with checklists.
    He also gave ratings without any basis and gave leadership opportunities to long term subs rather than actual teachers at the school. Kids did not like him and about 50% of the staff left this past June with more who were trying to find a job but couldn’t and had to return.

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