BREAKING: John Dewey Principal Kathleen Elvin Exonerated


Like something out of a twisted version of a John Grisham novel, John Dewey High School Principal Kathleen Elvin has been exonerated. The DOE supported her, fired her and while prosecuting her, found evidence supporting her again.

Try and follow along.

The DOE supported Elvin in her rein of terror. Superintendent Aimee Horowitz, who UFT Solidarity rallied against last summer, was supposedly aware of the grade fixing.

The DOE supported contract violations and workplace bullying.

The DOE was about to whitewash the investigations against Elvin, but a media frenzy pushed by school staff forced their hand.

The DOE removes Elvin.

She fights back and defends herself in a 3020-a hearing where the same DOE that supported her is now prosecuting her.

THEN, the new administration at John Dewey HS, and DOE that is prosecuting Elvin, engages in an audit that finds “everything is OK and on the up and up.”

A hearing officer finally says “Hey DOE, you can’t have it both ways. Put Elvin back and pay her back wages.”

NY Times reports:
“An arbitrator ruled that Kathleen Elvin, the former principal of John Dewey High School, should be reinstated after she was accused of improperly giving students credit for courses in which they received no instruction. The arbitrator said that an audit later conducted by the Education Department, which found that the courses met the department’s guidelines, effectively exonerated her.”

The decision is here:

I suspect we will be heading to John Dewey soon. The current staff there should brush up on this toolbox and come to our corruption conference on May 14th.

NYC Education Empowerment Forum 2016 – Battling Corruption & Harassment
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School, New York, NY

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  1. This horribly abusive, sadistic woman deserves to be further punished, not exonerated. This travesty of justice shows how the DOE will always “protect their own”, while attacking rank- and- file educators. The UFT should respond to the vilification of its members, and bring a cointer-suit against Elvin for the hostile work enviroment she gleefully created and ran like a mob boss…

  2. I wonder what Spike Lee would say- that was his school. Maybe Spike needs to be the face of anti- NYC teacher bullying.

  3. This witch was a English teacher in Harlem. She harassed my child daily, keeping him in the hallway all because he had an opposing view. She repeatedly put down his culture and said it was the Irish who suffered more than any other race of people. My aware cild would read facts to her from history books and she would rail away at him and oust him from class. The principal at that time did nothing. I removed my son from the school. I should have gone straight to the Chancellor and had her ousted. During those years there were no parent coordinators or parents’ rights…her day is still going to come…all students and parents in that school, run for the hills…

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