BREAKING- Grade Fixing Principal Kathleen Elvin REMOVED!

Our Administrators in Need of Improvement (ANOI) List has grown to over 100 questionable administrators. However there is one we can now take off the list. A big kudos to the staff and community involved in exposing the corruption. Also to the media who pursued this case.

John Dewey High School Principal Kathleen Elvin

Kathleen Elvin

Maybe not fired yet, but on the right track.

Officials: NYC principal to be removed after grade-fix probe

SFGate – ‎32 minutes ago‎
Chancellor Carmen Farina said Wednesday the city’s Department of Education will replace Kathleen Elvin as the principal of John Dewey High School. Investigators began probing grade-fixing allegations at the school in April 2014. The school ran programs …

Principal behind grade-fixing scheme fired

New York Post – ‎1 hour ago‎
The bombshell 22-page report issued Wednesday confirmed that principal Kathleen Elvin was the mastermind behind the scam. Schools … Connie Hamilton, the current principal of Kingsborough Early College School will be Dewey’s new principal.

Brooklyn principal to be removed after grade fixing probe

New Jersey Herald – ‎18 minutes ago‎
NEW YORK (AP) – A public high school principal is being removed from her post after a 17-month probe into allegations of grade fixing. The city’s Department of Education will replace Kathleen Elvin as principal of John Dewey High School in Brooklyn, ..

Principal behind grade-fixing scheme fired

The city Department of Education confirmed Wednesday that massive grade-fixing allowed many students to graduate Dewey HS in Brooklyn —allegations first reported by The Post in March.

As a result of the findings, the school’s principal is being removed, officials said.

The DOE’s Office of Special Investigation said the school operated a sham “credit recovery” program to boost its graduation rate.

Students even had a snappy name for it: Easy Pass.

The Post first disclosed on March 23 that students were getting awarded credit for doing little or no work, evidence of academic fraud.

The bombshell 22-page report issued Wednesday confirmed that principal Kathleen Elvin was the mastermind behind the scam.

Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina quickly announced that she’s giving Elvin the boot.

Connie Hamilton, the current principal of Kingsborough Early College School will be Dewey’s new principal.

“The allegation that Ms. Elvin implemented a credit recovery program that did not meet the standards set by DOE is . . . substantiated,” the investigate report said.

The report said many students did nothing to get credits for graduation.

“This investigation determined that no instruction was provided during these courses, and that no instruction was possible because of the vast variety of subject areas covered by PM School and Project Graduation [the two credit recovery programs].”

Students who owed credit in subject areas — ranging from math to science to English — were lumped into one class.

Farina said there will be a new training for superintendents and principals on credit recovery protocol to ensure such scams are not repeated.

“The results of the investigation are disturbing and show there was a failure to follow the DOE’s protocol during the 2013-2014 school year,” Farina said.

“We have begun the process to have Ms. Elvin’s employment terminated, and she will be removed from payroll shortly.”

The chancellor added, “Ensuring every New York City student is meeting the high-quality standards necessary to graduate is an imperative and we are retraining principals across the City to ensure these standards are upheld.”

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  1. Francine Davis

    One small victory. Now other corrupt Administrators MUST be brought to task. It is so disheartening that so many teachers at the Virgil I Grissom Middle School do not step forward to reveal all the questionable and deplorable actions of their Principal. She is evil incarnate and since she is very politically connected, everything gets pushed under the rug. Teachers fear for their positions. I speak first hand as a newly retired teacher after 48 years of service with an unblemished record and more recognitions and awards then imaginable. I even received a glowing personal letter from the Chancellor for my extraordinary years of service. My Principal accused me of stealing the state tests when my family and I packed up my room, state tests that were given by a sub and should have been locked up. After an arduous investigation, I won and was exonerated. Had Help Me Howard to my home with cameras and interview and the segment never got presented.

    • Francine, thank you for sharing your comment. There are so many Principals, Assistant Principals ( Administrators in General), that are so corrupt. It’s a shame how now a days there are teachers in fear of losing their careers due to cruel, selfish individuals like principals without principles.

    • Love this! Love the journey you are on. Love your faith in God is rising and trust in Him is deepening. It’s what happens when you risk–and jump.It’s time to FLY, friendPraying for you.

  2. Thank you for your comments Francine. You have made a major contribution. You also have worked till YOU wanted to quit. I have completed 44 and am going back in September! The powers that be in the DOE have been trying to push me out for 8 years. Wish Farina would change the system back to the units budget -or is it the Mayor who would have to do that. In the meantime, seniors are targets. The ATR pool works for me even though it was intended to make me miserable. You take lemons and you make lemonade! All the best to those who stand up against oppressors! You knew the union when….

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