Principal Daryl Blank

Daryl Blank, Principal

High School for Fashion Industries

225 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011


  1. Principal Blank rules as a dictator with an iron fist. He pits teachers against each other, harasses anyone who disagrees with him and intimidates staff. Principal Blank refuses to disclose school budget and when he was upset with the SBO vote he called the union and got them to initiate a chapter leader recall. The petition to oust union chapter leader was kept in his office! Those who signed were asked to sign and too fearful to say no. Mr. Blank is currently carrying on an affair with a staff member and disguises his inappropriate rendouvos as “conferences” using school funds and bringing other mindless staff members to cover up. Teachers and students reported seeing two other APs engaged in sexual relations and Mr. Blank hid the affair by terminating the untenured AP. Additionally students had a gun in the bathroom and Mr. Blank lied to parents, staff and the media saying it was not real to once again cover up. Money is missing staff are winning grants and never see the money. Students are not getting special education services and their IEPs are being changed in order to accommodate the school not the child. Mr Blank has a history or harassment and retaliation last two chapter leaders were subjects of his brutal terrorist torture, one chapter leader exposed corruption then the principal rated him ineffective and accused him of making threats and had him removed by police. The principal is a bully, he rules with fear and jntimidation, has no regard for the contract or students only cares about his own rating and pays himself per session before allowing the money for tutoring hours for students.

  2. I would like to take a moment to reply to the outrageously slanderous comment left above.
    Daryl Blank is an outstanding Principal, leader, and person, and his work ethic and devotion to the students of the High School of Fashion Industries is unquestionable.
    Any person who finds it difficult to work for Daryl Blank might first question their own commitment to teaching.
    The comment above is full of outright lies, half truths, and misdirection, and the author is either well aware of that or is delusional.
    I am deeply disappointed that an organization that represents educators, myself included, would allow the comment above to be published without some attempt at factchecking. I am a proud UFT member, but just because a fellow member makes an allegation does not make it true.
    We do ourselves a disservice as Union members when we allow lies and slander to take the place of reasoned debate.

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