Nominee Poonita Beemsigne for VP of Elementary Schools

Poonita Beemsigne for VP of Elementary Schools


Poonita Beemsigne is currently a NYC Department of Education teacher with two children in the NYC public school system.  She began teaching for the DOE in 2001 and has taught every grade from PreK-8th grade.  She has worked in some of the neediest areas of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. Being a parent and a teacher, she understands the struggles our children, parents and teachers face. She has, and will, always fight for what is right when it comes to our school communities.

As an advocate for children,  she believes every child deserves a stress free education that is tailored to their needs and potential. It’s time we take back control of our school and give every child the education they need and deserve. Poonita is more than ready to take on the many challenges elementary school educators face. From evaluation reform to teacher autonomy. She will fight for appropriate space for our school-related professionals to bringing more arts, physical education and music, while at the same time fighting for more compensated preparation time for the staff.

Class Size Our children deserve more attention. Smaller classes will provide more individual attention. Funds have been court ordered to decrease class sizes for years. Why hasn’t our union pushed for these funds?

Teacher Evaluation
Trust us, because we are professionals. Constant evaluation causes students and teachers stress. The current evaluation system is being used to bully teachers and students. We must continue the fight for appropriate and objective measures to evaluate and support.

Teacher Tenure
Our children deserve experienced teachers and our new teachers deserve experienced mentors. Teachers should be part of our community for years and teach generations of families. This will help build stronger communities.

Replacing Current Curricula
School should be a stress free environment for students and teachers. Our children deserve to learn at their own pace and reach their individual potential. Children should not need to take standardize exams until 8th grade when it is developmentally appropriate. Curriculums should be developed based on the needs of our students not a cookie cutter approach.

Contract Violation
Almost every administrator in every school is violating the teachers’ contract in one way or another. Sometimes the administrator’s hands are tied from above. Contracts are not made to be broken. The teacher contract was put in place to help us protect our children’s rights without retaliation from the administration.  By violating the contract the administrators are violating the rights of children, parents and teachers.  They are forcing teachers to perform tasks that do not benefit our children.

Engaging Membership
In order to make real change we must stand together and stand strong.  We are only as strong as our members. Poonita Beemsinge will engage members by providing them with an email address/phone number where they can communicate with her.  She will keep members informed about their rights and build strong chapter and borough UFT offices to support elementary grades.

Many times elementary school staff do not know that their rights are being violated. Knowing our contract and holding administrators accountable is where our power lies.  The more informed we are as a group, the stronger we will become.  We need to demand transparency from the administration to ensure that all members are being treated fairly.  She will be calling on all members to share their experiences weather they are positive or negative so that we can pinpoint problematic administrators. We can use social media and our union newspaper to get the word out.

Change is coming and hope is here. No one should be scared to speak up about the injustices they face. No one!


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