Felix Backer for Assistant Treasurer

Felix Backer for Assistant Treasurer



Owned a business for 19 years.

’92 – Present Erasmus Hall Campus High School, Brooklyn, New York
Related Service Counselor
Responsibilities included:
•Consult with parents to provide them with disciplinary strategies
•Conduct guidance conferences between school personnel and parents
•Develop strategies teachers to communication more effective with students
•Prepare reports for the school district and State Education Department
•Discuss programming and career choices
•Advice and counsel students and cooperative with staff members in assessing and helping students solve academic, health attitude and learning problems
’93 – ‘95, Molloy College, Long Island, New York
Offsite Campus Coordinator
Responsibility included:
•Maintained required records and reports for the campus
•Supervised faculty members and conducted meeting
•Worked closely with the chairman and dean to assess instruction
•Advised students on academic and students affairs
•Gave financial advice to students
•Clarified role and responsibilities of each member of the instruction team
•Developed a successful partnership with universities and education organizations

’90 – ‘92, Public School 152, Brooklyn, New York
Teacher of Elementary Education
Responsibilities Included:
•Taught Reading, Math, English, Science and Social Studies courses on Elementary Level
•Read and evaluated texts for pedagogical effectiveness and appropriateness for students
oJanuary 2008 B. A. Religion
Atlantic Union College, Lancaster, MA
o2002 M.S., Professional Diploma, Administration and Supervision
Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York
o1993 M.S., Education, English as a Second Language
Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York
o1992 M.S., Counseling and Development
Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York
o1989 B.A. Psychology
Long Island, University, Brooklyn, New York

oNYS Certification – School Administrator and Supervision, (SAS)
oNYS Certification – School District Administrator, SDA
oNYS Permanent Certification – School Guidance Counselor
oNYS Department of Education – Common Branch

oMember of United Federation of Teachers
oVice-President of HUMANA
oCommittee Member of BANESCO – non Profit Organization
oCommittee Member of SBST

oCertificate awarded for participation in Peer Intervention Program
oCertificate awarded for facilitating the monitoring of Special Education
oCertificate awarded for the development in cross-cultural counseling institute

oFrench, Haitian Creole


What issues do you feel are most critical for our union?

Class size
Unite all UFT teachers
Promoting the union because we are losing faith in the union
Support the teachers

How would you engage the membership in implementing the changes that are needed in our union?

Unions have a substantial impact on the compensation and work lives of both unionized and non-unionized workers.

Unions play a pivotal role both in securing legislated labor protections and rights such as safety and health and family/medical leave and in enforcing those rights on the job. Unions are thus an intermediary institution that provides a necessary complement to legislated benefits and protections.

Encouraging the teachers in their everyday work

Re-hire the ATR with good record
Developing a Plan for Increasing Participation in the Union activities
Identifying Targets for Change


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