2017 -2018 NYC Public Schools’ Calendar

UFT Solidarity General Meeting March 8, 2017

Despite the uncertainties surrounding potential changes to education coming from the national forum, we have to continue to support our members locally. Please join us … Read More

Legislators Sign Joint Statement in Support of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. Did Yours?

If you are an advocate for public education, and have been following the news surrounding the nomination and confirmation hearing for President Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, then you probably know why this letter is a problem.

Spoiler Alert: NY Senator Majority Leader  John Flanagan was one of … Read More

Side by Side Comparison of the Office of Special Commissioner’s DOE Statistics

In a perfect system of accountability, one would see something, say something, that something would be investigated and then rectified. Unfortunately, we are not in a perfect system. We see here from SCI’s own stats that most somethings are not investigated. Sure we can understand that there are some unwarranted and … Read More

Retired UFT Teacher Fact Checks Chancellor Fariña’s Letter to NY Post

Chancellor Fariña responded to a NY Post Editorial, about schools failing, with the letter below. 

While UFT Solidarity doesn’t categorizes our schools … Read More

The NYCDOE’s Continuous Underhanded Attacks Against Retired Educators

Retired teachers have been contacting us shocked and disappointed that they cannot go back. They contact the union and are told “There’s nothing we can do, this is the DOE’s policy.” Read More

UFT and DOE Announce Updated Evaluation Agreement for 2016-2017

SPOILER ALERT: Highly Effective rated teachers still need a minimum of three observations a year. Teachers in Finland have no mandatory observations. Read More

UFT Solidarity Holiday Party December 14, 2016

Join us after the UFT Delegate Assembly next week for our Holiday Party.

Come eat, have a drink, or both.

Bring your colleagues, or meet new ones, and let’s have a good time.

collage_hd-2016-12-07-20_07_42Read More

Our Next Retro is Ten Months Away. Some UFT members won’t be receiving it.

October 2017 may be a little less than a year away, but there are some things you should know now if you want to receive your retroactive pay.  Things like “Don’t get pregnant yet.”

The UFT leadership hailed the 2014 contract as a great victory. Reps flooded schools to push … Read More

Breaking News: Superintendents told to resolve bulletin board issues.

News, similar to the report below, is coming in from different sources. Those who work in schools where bulletin boards were used as tools to bully and harass teachers will greatly appreciate this update.

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