ATRs to File Age Discrimination Complaint with State

School excessing is supposed to be performed in reverse seniority. Those teachers would then be placed in the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) pool. This would imply that the average age of teachers in the ATR pool would be relatively low. This is not the case. The average age of ATRs, according to a survey conducted on, shows that the average age is actually 52. This is because there are no hiring rules. Instead the New York City Department of Education uses a funding formula (Fair Student Funding) that pushes school administration to hire the least expensive, and usually youngest.

Manhattan based attorney Bryan D. Glass, Esq. has initiated a discrimination complaint after many of his clients shared their similar stories. Over 60 ATRs filled out the initial questionnaire to join.

Hopefully the UFT, who initially stated a similar suit a decade ago, will be assisting in providing statistical information.

More information can be found here

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  1. Many Field Supervisors harassing ATRs with underserved disciplinary meetings, and underved U ratings. The Union should also be sued for not challenging unfair labor practices.

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