AP Esrom Johnson





  1. At first is extremely friendly and cordial. Once you grow closer he is a user. Shares private information regarding other staff members including personal information and observations. Once he does this he fishes for information from you. He gets extremely overwhelmed and takes out this frustration on staff by raising his voice to staff in front of students. Micromanages and is EXTREMELY vindictive. Shows extreme favoritism to certain students. Nasty comments to staff during meetings. Ignores his emails and has to be messaged over and over again in order to take care of situations with students. When staff calls ACS he belittles them and shares this private information with coworkers. Calls staff members who call ACS “snakes in the grass.” He plays “gotcha” by placing paras under the watchful eye of teachers to catch them doing something wrong so he can try to discipline them. Makes inappropriate sexual comments regarding other staff members. Has his favorites who will watch everything you do and they report this information to him. Do not trust this person because he is not helpful nor does he care about your success.

  2. A bad leader can take a good staff and destroy it, causing the best employees to flee and the remainder to lose all motivation. Mr. Johnson is 100% a bad leader. Mr. Johnson is extremely unprofessional and unhinged when he gets upset. He also has a very bad habit of snapping at people when it’s completely unnecessary yet picks and chooses who he reprimands. Not a good addition to the P25 Family.

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