Amidst Cheating Scandal City Denies Permit to Rally Against Superintendent

UFT Solidarity is a progressive caucus of educators who believes in academic integrity and school support. We have been rounding the members from the renewal schools to rally outside the office of Superintendent Aimee Horowitz. Unfortunately, the NYC Department of Education has denied our request to rally on the grounds of the Michael J. Petrides complex. On August 26th we will rally anyway. “Fix Schools, Not Grades.”


Dear Mr. Portelos :


Your request for a permit to hold a demonstration at the Michael J. Petrides School has been reviewed and is denied. Chancellor’s Regulation D-180 does not authorize the issuance of a permit for such purposes.







Sylvia Jamison

Supervisor of Extended Use

New York City Department of Education

52 Chambers Street

New York, NY 10007


To which we responded:

Good afternoon Ms. Sylvia,

     I’m in receipt of your email in which you notify me that our request for a permit to meet at the Petrides complex is denied. We read through CR D-180 and do not see how having an open civic meeting, to voice our objections on how Aimee Horowitz has been running her schools, is being denied.

Civic meetings/forums, as long as they don’t discriminate, and are open should not be denied according to section I.F and I.H if D-180.

In any case, we will continue with this civic gathering outside of the complex, on Ocean Terrace, on August 26th.

We are however appealing here to General Council Jackson-Chase. Our request is being unreasonably denied.

Thank you.

Francesco A. Portelos

See new location. See you at 2 PM on August 26th.

715 Ocean Terrace Staten Island, NY


Superintendent Aimee Horowitz and Chancellor Farina

Superintendent Aimee Horowitz and Chancellor Farina

Taking a page out of Bloomberg’s school governance handbook, Principals under Superintendent Aimee Horowitz are permitted to fudge grades in a variety of ways: credit recovery, Regents “scrubbing”, falsified attendance reports, and a “free 55” for zero work completed. As evidenced by the latest cheating scandals, these practices have been rampant at Horowitz’ Renewal Schools: William C. Bryant, Automotive, John Dewey, and Richmond Hill High Schools. Teachers who have pushed back have been punished and rated ineffective despite years of proven, effective teaching. Even assistant principals, with morals and ethics too strong to be corrupted, have been demoted back to teachers.

The fingers of accusation all point towards Superintendent Aimee Horowitz as the common denominator for the serious problems experienced in these high school communities. While UFT Solidarity is no stranger to rallying on the sidewalk of the actual schools, we know that the “fish smells from the head” and this time we are going to the source.

Please join us for a rally outside of Superintendent Aimee Horowitz’ office. Let her know she cannot continue to permit, or to turn a blind eye to, these conditions affecting both educators and students alike.

UFT Solidarity, a progressive caucus within the United Federation of Teachers union, has been contacted by many staff members at schools where workplace bullying, harassment and questionable “improvement methods” are at play. UFT Solidarity educates and empowers members on how to fight back the harassment and corruption, from accessing information via the Freedom of Information Law to organizing rallies and uniting the parents and students with the staff. How to best share this information is also part of UFT Solidarity’s handbook. Knowledge is power and we need to educate the public on what is really happening at their neighborhood schools.

Join members from Superintendent Aimee Horowitz’ schools to rally on Wednesday August 26th at 2PM outside her office at 715 Ocean Terrace Staten Island, NY 10314

RSVP for the rally here:

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Superintendent Aimee Horowitz even discontinued countless innocent nontenured educators to make the grade and show “improvement.” See this video of a school psychologist discontinued because McKee High School (a Horowitz school) was out of compliance and student evaluations were back logged.

And much, much more…


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  1. Above, a “free 55” is mentioned regarding the grade fixing occurring under Horowitz. I went into a bit more detail in the comments section on the July 15th blog. I won’t repeat any of that in this comment, but I would be really interested to hear from any other teachers what they know or witnessed regarding the grade fixing going on in Horowitz’s renewal schools.
    (If not we can talk in person at the rally!)

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