All About Flyering!

Dear Solidarity Caucus Members and Supporters:

Ballots get mailed to our home mailing addresses on March 25 and are due in mid-April. Now until mid-April is prime time for flyering schools and work sites about UFT Solidarity and how we plan to build a stronger union.

As you flyer schools and communities, please complete this Google Form! We promise you that your anonymity will be respected.

Almost as essential as the flyers, is the following leafleting packet developed by the Election Committee. Often schools need a gentle reminder in remembering that this is UFT Election season and advertising different caucuses on UFT bulletin boards and stuffing UFT members’ mailboxes is permissible at this time. You’ll find the following materials in this packet:

  1. Our letter to you thanking you for your support and educating you on the Chancellors Regs which protect you!
  2. A letter you can show to school staff at schools that are questioning your presence and desire to leave campaign materials.
  3. Francesco’s correspondence with DOE Legal confirming the validity of the 2001 memo regarding campaigning.
  4. The original 2001 memo from the Chancellor permitting the flyering of schools during UFT election season (YES, it is still valid!).

Please see the campaign flyers you can leave in schools and workplaces here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at


UFT Solidarity Council

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