UFT Solidarity Action Week! Mark Your Calendars and Stand In Solidarity with Members

UFT Solidarity Action Week

UFT Solidarity Action Week

We don’t just talk the talk…We actually walk the talk. Join us!

  1. SUNDAY– On Sunday September 20, 2015 the ATR Alliance is holding their September meeting from 12PM to 3PM ATRs can register here atralliance.org/workshopregistration
  2. SUNDAY– Also on Sunday September 20, 2015 from 3PM to 5PM, UFT Solidarity is holding their September General meeting at the same location as the ATR Alliance. All are welcome. Details are also here uftsolidarity.org/meetup
  3. MONDAY – On Monday September 21, 2015 join non active members at the 3020-a termination hearing of Guidance Counselor Yvette Talley who was charged by Queens Metropolitan HS Principal Gregory Dutton for, among other things, taking “a 9 minute bathroom break.” The Solidarity support team is asking that members show up at 10AM at 100 Gold Street, NY NY 3rd Floor. The arbitrator is O’Connell.
  4. MONDAY- Also on Monday September 21, 2015 join us as we visit the UFT Executive Board at 6PM at 52 Broadway. All UFT members are welcomed and I believe the full buffet is open to all members. You have speaking time, but should email epietromonaco@uft.org beforehand.
  5. WEDNESDAY– On Wednesday there is no school. It is Yom Kippur. However the state Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) is open and we are going to support retired PS 30 Manhattan Chapter Leader Alvin Charles Leon. Mr. Leon will be cross examining his former principal Teri Stinson. When Alvin saw his colleagues crying from the abuses, he knew he had to step up and represent. The then UFT District Rep Dwayne Clark was of no help and actually worked for Principal Stinson. Mr. Leon was then charged for termination and Dwayne Clark was promoted to UFT Manhattan Representative. 55 Hanson Place 7th Fl Brooklyn, NY
  6. FRIDAY- On Friday September 25, 2015 there will be a “New Teacher Meet and Greet” where UFT President Mulgrew and Chancellor Fariña will continue to hold hands and laud that “everything is great.” We at UFT Solidarity will be joined by many teachers who do not agree. Come give the Chancellor a warm welcome to our UFT headquarters at 52 Broadway at 4PM. Print and bring a sign. We will be meeting at a location nearby afterwards for drinks and food. Location to be determined.


Please email us at solidaritycaucus@gmail.com if you will be joining us or have questions.

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