NYSAA: A Blackbox of DOE Malpractice

Teachers with alternate assessment students have been given their students’ expected NYSAA scores this week, and the outlook is grim.

Since a pilot last year, the math and ELA … Read More

UFT Waters Down the Healthy Workplace Endorsement

In a bittersweet victory, the UFT delegate assembly voted unanimously on April 20 to support a watered down endorsement of the NY Healthy Workplace Bill. The Healthy Workplace Bill would give an employee of any organization the right to sue an employer or coworker who has evidenced a pattern of repeated verbal or physical … Read More

UFT Targets its Neediest Members


     The UFT is again acting with disdain towards its neediest members. First, at an autumn session of the delegate assembly in 2015, Unity curbed discussion … Read More

UFT Solidarity Throws its Weight Behind the NY Healthy Workplace Bill


UFT Solidarity made the trek to Albany last week to voice their support for the NY Healthy Workplace Bill. A short school bus worth of … Read More