About our meeting with the Association for Union Democracy

Today UFT Solidarity’s Union Democracy Committee met with the Association for Union Democracy (AUD) at their Brooklyn, NY headquarters. Association for Union Democracy (AUD) is a pro-labor, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the principles and practices of democratic trade unionism in the North American labor movement. We are committed to ensuring that… Read More

‘Discontinued’ Teachers Still Asking To Be Reinstated to Classroom Duty

The following is excerpted from – The Chief – Civil Service Leader – The Civil Employees’ Weekly –Beginning– Decry Lengthy Appeals Process ‘Discontinued’ Teachers Still Asking To Be Reinstated to Classroom Duty Posted: Monday, May 18, 2015 5:00 pm By DAN ROSENBLUM Elizabeth Puscasu, a Teacher for more than a decade,… Read More

Claims of non-tenured teachers of color being let go in New York

In an interview with the Amsterdam News, African-American teacher Steven Mollette, a 10-year veteran who was let go last year from M.S. 232 in the Bronx, said, “I don’t know why I was discontinued. The documents they submitted were my evaluations, which had all satisfactory ratings, not great, but satisfactory rather than ineffective. Not grounds for termination, and the other thing I submitted was my attendance record. Out of 180 teaching days, I had only three minutes total lateness for an entire school year. I don’t know why from that information I was discontinued.” Read More

UFT Solidarity, New Action and Alumni Stood Tall in Support of the William Bryant HS Community

We may stand alone, or with a thousand other people, but on Thursday March 26, 2015, we stood for something. We were there to support the students and staff of William Bryant HS and push for the removal of Principal Namita Dwarka.   Despite unfavorable weather  and lack of support from the UFT… Read More

Community says “Enough!” and Rallies to Remove an Abusive Administrator

What effect does a poor educational leader have on a school? On students? On a community? What standards are NYC DOE principals held to? At what point does the chancellor’s office say enough? Come join a coalition of educators from UFT Solidarity Caucus, New Action, Don’t Tread on Educators, parents… Read More