UFT Solidarity Calls Out Inadequate Testing and Tracing in City Schools

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 11, 2021 Contacts:  Lydia Howrilka (917) 705-5699 Quinn Zannoni solidaritycaucus@gmail.com NEW YORK: UFT Solidarity’s membership has declared no-confidence in the City’s handling of the COVID pandemic as evidenced by inadequate testing and tracing happening in elementary and District 75 schools. UFT Solidarity has been collecting anecdotal… Read More

Notes from Meeting on Mayoral Control with Teachers of NYC and Local Community Leaders

Notes on 12/30/20 zoom conference regarding ending mayoral control, strengthening parent, student, and community empowerment, and reestablishing elected community school boards.  Lots of interesting issues were brought up. The zoom was led by Kim Watkins a public school parent who is running for Manhattan Borough President. The zoom conference was… Read More