UFT Solidarity 2019 Election Candidates

We have put together a great team of dedicated professionals that are members like you. They are not disconnected from the plight of the average member, like the current union leadership is. Vote for us in the Spring election, so you can be properly represented.

Click on the name of each officer to go to their respected page to learn more about them and post questions for them to respond to.

Lydia Howrilka – President

Francesco Portelos – Secretary

Marie “Para” Wausnock – Assistant Secretary

James Calantjis – Treasurer

Jay Werner – Assistant Treasurer

Claudia Giordano – VP Education At Large

Eric Severson – VP Special Education

Quinn Zannoni – VP Academic High Schools

Judeth Napoli – VP CTE High Schools

Poonita Beemsigne – VP Middle Schools

Johnathan Hinesley – VP Elementary Schools

Tiffany Diaz – VP Non-DOE

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  1. What is Unity’s stance on reaching top salary within 8-10 years?

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