UFT Elections 2019 – Issues – Veteran Teachers

Value the experience of veteran teachers and stop using their salaries against them.

It is no coincidence that over 90% of the members of the ATR pool are over 40, previously assigned to closing schools, and are currently being  rated “ineffective.” It is also no coincidence that ATRs are not invited to DOE job fairs and are not being permanently hired. All these things are due to the use of Fair Student Funding. In the words of Chaz:

Before there was Fair Student Funding, teacher salaries were funded by the DOE and not the schools.  Many knowledgeable Principals knew that veteran teachers were best for their students. These veteran teachers had excellent classroom management skills, deep curriculum knowledge, and  best of all knew how to adjust to different scenarios. Moreover, seniority transfer allowed veteran teachers to bump untenured teachers from desirable schools and their students ended up with the best teachers.

By contrast, with school-based Fair Student Funding principals were incentivized to hire “the cheapest and not the best teachers for their school”.  No wonder the ATR pool is loaded with veteran teachers. In addition the Open Market is a waste of time for veteran teachers who want to change schools because of Fair Student Funding. [Source: Chaz’s School Daze]

Why do we have Fair Student Funding? In 2005, then-UFT Unity President Randi Weingarten foolishly agreed to give up seniority transfers and allowed the DOE to implement Fair Student Funding. ATRs were allowed to rotate without having a permanent school home. Since Fair Student Funding does not support Union leadership, Unity has chosen to ignore this issue.

We need to bring these veteran and experienced educators back to permanent positions where they are valued. UFT Solidarity will ensure that ATR’s have their own functional chapter to represent their special issues and needs. UFT Solidarity will also push the DOE to ending the use of Fair Student Funding and return payroll of teachers to Central DOE rather than individual schools.

More information about the detriment of Fair Student Funding can be found at this link: http://chaz11.blogspot.com/2013/11/how-does-fair-student-funmding-formula.html


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