UFT Elections 2019 – Issues – Testing

Put an end to the over testing of our students and forcing teachers to “teach to the test”:

We all understand the need for assessment, but we need to trust the educator who creates and administers the test to the students they teach. More and more time has been taken away from teaching for into testing, field testing, and practice testing. Governor Cuomo himself admitted that “the grades are meaningless to the student.” UFT Solidarity is a strong supporter of the growing Opt-Out movement, publishing the email addresses of all NYC DOE principals to help parents send emails to refuse the tests for their children.

This information can be used to help spread the word about the harmful effects of the state tests. This data is from the 2016-2017 school year. However, nothing has changed…In fact, things are worse since then because kids aren’t learning anymore because state tests have taken center stage over everything else. All this talk about knowing our students’ social emotional status is just that, only talk. The primary goal is to get them understanding state test language.

Download (PPTX, 288KB)

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