UFT Elections 2019 – Issues – Secretaries

  • Stop using school aides and paraprofessionals as secretaries when we have many UFT secretaries available. 

  • School secretaries are telling us that they are being excessed, or not hired, and their necessary work load is being given to school aides from DC37 union and paraprofessionals instead. Not only is this misappropriating the work that the school aides need to do, but it is taking much needed clerical work from our own members. 

  • The UFT already won an arbitration to prevent this, but has not enforced it.

  • In the words of a retired secretary, “I was told the DOE takes back any retired secretary’s salary right away. But we think it is placed into bulk codes and used for per session and OTPS. Why isn’t it used to hire another secretary or two? Hiring secretaries cut the paperwork of educators and counselors. Why is the DOE embracing this ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ policy?”

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