UFT Elections 2019 – Issues – School Consolidation

Consolidate small schools. Reverse the Bloomberg breakdown of large schools. Bloggers like Chaz in Chaz’s School Daze have long sang the cautionary tune of what happens to other large schools when nearby schools break down into smaller schools: While some small schools did well, many small schools have low college readiness rates .

    • “Small schools have really made remarkable gains for thousands of kids, but there’s a price, and the price is a lot of the large schools have gotten worse,” said Clara Hemphill, an author of the New School report, who is known for her guidebooks on the city’s best public schools. It should not be any surprise that Bloomberg and ex Chancellor Joel Klein  made sure the small schools would have superior stats by exempting them from taking special need and English Language Learners, for the first two years of opening, and many received wavers for more years thereafter to exclude “high needs” and “self-contained” students, while sending them into the remaining large comprehensive schools to expedite closure.  Most interestingly, says Chaz, was how complicit Unity leadership was with “the DOE in helping with the transition, especially Leo Casey.” You can read more about this by going to this website.
    • In 2009, the NY Times reported: “Replacing large, poor-performing high schools with smaller schools in New York City has led to lower attendance and graduation rates at other large high schools, which have struggled to accommodate influxes of high-needs students, according to a report to be released on Wednesday [June 2009].”

    • Consolidate small schools to reduce administrative overhead and assure that all students have access to a full array of athletic teams, arts programs and counseling services. Under the Bloomberg era, we saw countless schools broken down and divided. It’s time to restore and join these schools in the same building together.

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