UFT Elections 2019 – Issues – School Boards

  • Put the PUBLIC back in Public Education

    The Panel for Educational Policy, or PEP, was established by the Bloomberg administration after abolishing community school boards and replacing the five-borough representative Board of Education with the DOE.

    This panel, whose appointed members essentially rubber stamp the will of the Mayor and the Chancellor, is neither representative of, nor accountable to, the public school community at large, nor does it operate in an open, democratic, accessible, or transparent manner. The PEP has made decisions which has led to the expansion of charter networks like Success Academy and Uncommon Charter. The Panel makes decisions to close schools. We have seen impassioned school communities attend PEP meetings and argue eloquently why their schools deserve a reprieve only to have the Panel vote to close schools down. Ironically, the UFT leadership is often absent from these school closings and truncation hearings. As Norm Scott argues in his blog, “The union leadership loves them [the PEP] when it needs them. This past school year we saw a number of schools being closed. The two Rockaway schools (PS 42 and MS 53) received a reprieve by the skin of their teeth and some in those schools are giving the UFT some credit for standing up for them and possibly influencing a crucial tie-breaking vote on the Panel for Educational Policy.”

    We will fight for the creation of a new, impartial agency with balanced representation and executive oversight that will advocate for, and protect the lawful rights of, every NYC public school student, parent, and employee.

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