UFT Elections 2019 – Issues – Officer Compensation

  • Better compensate Chapter Leaders and Delegates and improve union involvement:

    There are over 1,800 schools. At the monthly UFT Delegate Assembly meetings, the turnout is relatively low at about 800 out of the 3,400 delegates present. When it came down to endorsing the contract in 2014, the UFT had to rent out the Hilton Grand Ballroom to accommodate all the delegates and chapter leaders that showed. For the 2018 contract, the UFT used a Manhattan high school to accommodate all the representatives who attended. To build a stronger union, we need stronger chapters. To have stronger chapters we need members involved. Did you know that there are schools with no active chapter leaders? Chapter leaders receive a small stipend to hold meetings, but we believe both chapter leaders and delegates should be better compensated to travel and attend meetings at UFT central in addition to more training.

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