UFT Elections 2019 – Issues – Teacher Evaluations

VAM is a sham!

Remove test scores and subjective observations from the teacher evaluation that UFT President Michael Mulgrew helped make state law.


An 8 minute video every UFT teacher should watch and share.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew brought in this faulty test-based teacher evaluation from UFT Solidarity on Vimeo.

In the making from 2010.

UFT Solidarity is against any evaluation system that uses the faulty and junk science “Value Added Model” to rate teachers. We need a system that is objective and includes peer evaluation. Many other professions utilize peer observations. Attorneys sit in on other attorneys’ cases and doctors often observe other doctors. The evaluation system should be about real assessment and growth, and not about penalizing teachers through snapshot student performances. http://neatoday.org/2013/03/25/how-do-high-performing-nations-evaluate-teachers/


The Danielson Framework for Teaching was designed as a self-assessment tool  for educators. Instead it has been manipulated to subjectively target and push out teachers  at will. Listen to Charlotte Danielson explain how it’s wrong to tie standardized test score to teacher evaluation.

You can’t fire your way to Finland.

In 2010, the UFT admitted that “value-added teacher evaulations are unreliable” (Source: UFT.org) The study found more troubling information:

Teachers of classes with poor students and/or English language learners tended to receive low value-added scores while those teaching students who were Asian or whose parents were more highly educated received high scores. The researchers found that a teacher’s effectiveness was ranked significantly higher when the teacher taught students who were eligible for advanced classes than when that same teacher taught students in lower track classes. Given those results, the researchers warn that using value added could create disincentives for teachers to work with certain students or teach certain classes.

On their website, the UFT claims that the new “matrix” is fairer and minimizes the effect of standardized testing on a teacher’s final rating and that the new contract will allow for fewer observations. However these observations are the minimum requirement; meaning a principal or AP still has the authority or disclosure to observe a teacher as often as they see fit, within contractual guidelines.

We still have art and physical education teachers being rated on how well their students performed on an ELA exam and Science teachers evaluated on how their students performed on Math exams. The stakes become so high that students become sick, educators, parents and administrators are stressed and the testing companies make millions. We will work hard to end this faulty evaluation system by pressuring the legislature to amend NYS Ed Law 3012-c.

Read more about the issues we are working on, www.uftsolidarity.org/uft2019issues, or comment on this one below.

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  1. UFT solidarity is the direction our union should go!!!! Finally someone is speaking for the teachers.

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