UFT Elections 2019 – Issues – Administration

  • Hold School administration accountable when they ignore and violate the contract:

    The UFT published a list called PINI, or Principals in Need of Improvement, listing publicly those principals who abused the UFT-DOE contract. As the UFT no longer publishes such a list, UFT Solidarity decided to bring it back as ANOI – Administrators in Need Of Improvement. With over 150 administrators currently listed, administrators who continue to harass members and violate the contract can be assured they will be added to our ANOI list – and the public is free to read and comment. See http://www.uftsolidarity.org/anoi/

The last known UFT supported protest against an abusive principal was in 2009 against Iris Blige of Fordham Arts. Blige is still principal at this high school. Where is Unity? Where was Unity when Blige locked a chapter leader in the closest? Where was Unity when Blige was fined but was still able to keep her job?


Another aspect to this issue is regarding School Leadership Teams (SLT). SLTs have school governance responsibilities under State Educational Law and Chancellor Regulations regarding the creation of the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). They also align the budget with the CEP and advise the principal on school spending, among other responsibilities. SLTs comprise of parents, teachers, administrators and have a shared decision making mandate. The principal, PA President and Chapter Leader are core members. Strengthening SLTs empowers teachers, parents and the UFT in the school’s governance process.

Unity has always neglected SLTs and allowed principals to usurp the legal responsibilities of SLTs. With strong SLTs, parents, teachers and the UFT will have more authority concerning school goals and needs, as well as school spending. Supporting Chapter Leaders, who are core members of SLTs, will give them more influence in school matters of importance.
If you have a specific question about any of these points or ideas, please ask one of our officers!

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