Our Next Retro is Ten Months Away. Some UFT members won’t be receiving it.

October 2017 may be a little less than a year away, but there are some things you should know now if you want to receive your retroactive pay.  Things like “Don’t get pregnant yet.”

The UFT leadership hailed the 2014 contract as a great victory. Reps flooded schools to push … Read More

Breaking News: Superintendents told to resolve bulletin board issues.

News, similar to the report below, is coming in from different sources. Those who work in schools where bulletin boards were used as tools to bully and harass teachers will greatly appreciate this update.

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UFT Chapter Leader Weekly 11.18.16

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This Week’s Focus

Day of Action at your schools this coming Monday, Nov. 21

We are proud to work in one of the largest and most diverse school systems in the country. Every child, regardless of ethnic background, gender identity, faith or immigration status, has the right to feel safe … Read More

DOE Sets New School Leadership (SLT) Policy

A big win for transparency. Thank you to all those who have worked hard on this over the years, including Michael Thomas, Public Advocate Letitia James, Attorney Laura Barbieri and the Solidarity members involved in supporting this victory.

New Policy for SLT Meetings

All schools

UFT Chapter Leader Weekly 11.04.16

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Bulletin Boards Have Become Big Paperwork Violations, So Let’s All Grieve

Let’s Take Back Our Classroom Bulletin Boards! Read More

UFT Chapter Leader Weekly 10.28.16

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Photo of the Week This Week in Education and Labor News This Week’s Focus Events Calendar Your Chapter Leader Checklist New on UFT.org Tell Your Members Professional Committees Having trouble viewing … Read More

Being Rated Under the Old S/U System


Many members are asking us about the proper protocol to evaluate pedagogical staff.

If you are rated under HEDI, and feel that you are being subjected to “gotcha … Read More

UFT Chapter Leader Weekly 10.15.17

Wear pink to the Delegate Assembly on Wednesday, Oct. 19

Photo of the Week

COLOR ME PINK: After marching around the school, students at PS 235 in Flatbush formed a ribbon in their schoolyard today to raise awareness about breast cancer.

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UFT Chapter Leader Weekly 10.07.16

In a welcome change, the DOE this week released a plan to give school leaders an incentive to hire teachers in the ATR pool. Read More

UFT Chapter Leader Weekly 09.30.16

Read the Weekly Update in the Chapter Leader section of UFT.org »

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UFT Chapter Leader Weekly 09.23.16

Parents and educators across the nation are organizing a Day of Action on Oct. 6 to demand adequate funding for public schools. Many states are defunding public education; in New York State, Albany continues to owe schools billions of dollars of school aid as a result of the settlement of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit. Read More

New Contact Page for DOE School Support

For every staff member and parent who needs the contact information, click here uftsolidarity.org/bfsc and you will be linked to a page where you enter the school’s code and all the contacts appear. Read More

Chapter Leader Weekly 09.16.16

Notify the UFT about paperwork issues… Read More

UFT Executive Board to Vote on Solidarity’s UFT Election Complaints

Before the 2016 UFT election results were announced, UFT Solidarity launched seven official election complaints with the UFT Executive Board. After the results were furnished, and after additional information was collected from members and the election committee, another nine election complaints were filed. Over the summer, the UFT leadership responded … Read More

UFT Solidarity Council Elections – Voting Ends Today 9/14/06, Midnight


UFT Solidarity amps it up for 2016-2017 school year.

Although communication within our group continued, and we responded to dozens and dozens of UFT members who needed support, we did take a little vacation this summer. However, … Read More

Opt Out Online Site Now Keeps Count by School

Last testing season over 13,000 parents, across NYS, used www.optthemout.com to easily refuse standardized testing for their children.

Out of those 13,000 parents, who emailed refusal letters, … Read More

Summer Educator Support Day July 27th -PEP


It’s summer and most are on vacation, but we need to set the tone for the next school year. Things are not getting better. Please try … Read More

UFT Solidarity Launches 16 Official Election Complaints.

Are there missing votes? Did deceased UFT members vote in this past election? Who bought ballots from members? Why so many secrets? Read More

Is your program for next year not what you wanted?

Grieving a bad program could make the difference between a great or bad school year. Read More

Former Deputy Chancellor Shows How Easy It Is To Fix Grades/School

It seems as though former Bloomberg/Klein era Deputy Chancellor Santiago Taveras can show us how to easily fix a school (and grades). Read More

Connecting and Organizing Targeted ATRs

UFT Solidarity receives many complaints about ATR Field Supervisors who allegedly engage in more harassment and bullying than they do supportive acts. It is tough as it is to be uprooted from your school and sent on random rotation around your borough. You are assigned out … Read More

Am I problem coded in the DOE’s online system?

It goes by many different names: the ineligible list, red flag, notation, codes, problem code, a block.

These are all strategies the Department of Education’s Office of Personnel Investigations (OPI) uses to control who is “active” or “inactive” in the DOE. Because of the DOE’s centralized bureaucracy and computer … Read More