UFT Election 2016 Live

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Starting the morning of May 26, 2016, we will be live updating this article to keep everyone updated on what’s happening with the UFT election … Read More

UFT Waters Down the Healthy Workplace Endorsement

In a bittersweet victory, the UFT delegate assembly voted unanimously on April 20 to support a watered down endorsement of the NY Healthy Workplace Bill. The Healthy Workplace Bill would give an employee of any organization the right to sue an employer or coworker who has evidenced a pattern of repeated verbal or physical … Read More

See What You Missed at the NYC Education Empowerment Forum

Missed the forum on battling corruption and harassment in NYC Education? Catch up here.

Click here to go directly to the NY Educators Empowerment Conference Archives of slideshows, handouts, and additional resources.

On May 14, 2016, UFT Solidarity, NY Healthy Workplace Advocates and All Fact Up’s Kathy ColeRead More

PRESS RELEASE – NYC Education Empowerment Forum 2016 – Battling Corruption & Harassment

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UFT Solidarity, New York Healthy Workplace Advocates & All Fact Up Radio Show with Kathy Cole

Contact:        Kathy Cole                                             Date: May 14, … Read More

Judge Rules Teacher Evaluation “Makes No Sense”

VAM is a SHAM: NYS Judge Tosses Teacher’s VAM

On May 10, 2016, veteran educator, Sheri Lederman, Ed., D., a fourth-grade Long Island teacher, has won a long battle against the New York State Education Department to overturn her biased 2013-2014 VAM (Value Added Model) rating.  Mrs. Lederman’s husband, an … Read More

Where’s the Solidarity box on the election ballot?


We want to thank you for the amazing outpouring of support. We’ve been inundated with messages showing your ballots filled out in a way that moves towards a stronger union.

However, we understand there is confusion with … Read More

UFT Ballots Issues? Suspect Election Fraud? Mail Tampering?

All members should receive their ballot by Tuesday May 10, 2016


UFT ballots are out! A lot of ballots. Check here … Read More

Unity Waters Down Member Support Initiatives, Part 1

This is Part 1 in our series of UFT Unity watering down member support initiatives.


UFT Solidarity and it’s sister organization, Don’t Tread on Educators (DTOE) have always … Read More

Action Item: Flyering Schools

Over the past few months, members of our caucus have been busy with leaving our campaign materials in the mailboxes of UFT members including teachers, secretaries, and paras. There are many schools we still need to reach! If your school has not received UFT Solidarity flyers in your mailboxes yet and … Read More

UFT Solidarity to Host “NYC Education Empowerment Forum” to Battle Corruption & Harassment

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The event is free. The information shared is priceless. Find out more and register here: nycedcorruption.eventbrite.com Read More

ATR Informational Planning Meeting with Attorney April 20th

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UFT Solidarity is committed to defending and supporting members in need. We specialize in educating members on how to fight back. Unfortunately, with a current union leadership that doesn’t put its members first, this leaves members resolving their issues only through legal means. Read More

BREAKING: John Dewey Principal Kathleen Elvin Exonerated


Like something out of a twisted version of a John Grisham novel, John Dewey High School Principal Kathleen Elvin has been exonerated. The DOE supported her, fired her and while prosecuting her, found evidence supporting her again. Read More

Breaking News: Nancy Zazulka WINS the Pix 11 Fuel My School Contest


We first told you about Nancy’s status as finalist here.

Thank you for supporting Nancy’s efforts to win her school $5000.

She won!

We couldn’t be more happy to have her as a Council Member on Solidarity Caucus and as the Vice-President Candidate for Middle … Read More

MORE, New Action and Unity Choose Politics Over Democracy


On Wednesday March 23, 2016, after New Action’s Michael Shulman and MORE’s Kit Wainer continued to push the issue, the UFT Election Committee made the undemocratic decision to not give voters the option vote Solidarity. Read More

Over 11,000 NYS parents have used their smartphones to opt out.

OptThemOut Opt-out Web App

Parents across New York State are using their smartphone to make a smart decision, REFUSE THE TESTS. By entering a school name, their information and what tests they are refusing their children to take, parents can spend less than a minute to help change a broken system and invalidate these standardized tests. Read More

Bronx UFT Chapter Leader’s Review of UFT Solidarity’s Rally at PS 89 X- A Voice for the Voiceless


On March 17, 2016,  UFT Solidarity went to P.S. 89 to rally against principal Ralph Martinez. Although there had been publication regarding how Principal Martinez “improved” the overall grade of the school, there was little publication of the offenses that Principal Martinez continues to exercise against teachers and parents. This … Read More

Join us for an Open Meeting – Elections and Beyond



Please save flyer, print and share.

Solidarity doesn’t just exist to run an election. In actuality, that’s a side initiative as we continue to support and organize school communities and empower the membership.

Join us and leave stronger.

UFT Solidarity Town Hall Friday March 18th



UFT members have concerns. They also have the democratic opportunity to elect a new leadership in May of 2016.

Of the three presidential candidates, Michael Mulgrew (Unity), Jia Lee (MORE) and Francesco Portelos (Solidarity), only UFT Solidarity was interested in answering the members’ questions. Mulgrew and Lee have … Read More

Video: UFT Solidarity 2016 Campaign – “You Have the Power”

Breaking News: Marie Curie HS – Trouble on 2 Fronts

Marie Curie High School first hit our radar as teachers there reached out to UFT Solidarity regarding getting “clobbered” by Danielson 3C – are your students “engaged”?.  For example, if one out of 32 students appears to not be engaged, administrators are dealing out negative ratings.

And then Monday’s shocking and most … Read More

Breaking News: Nancy Zuzulka Is a Finalist on Pix 11 Fuel My School Contest


Besides being an amazing Middle School Teacher, Nanzy Zuzulka is also an UFT Solidarity Council Member and a Vice-President for Middle Schools Executive Board Candidate on UFT … Read More

Bronx Principal Ignores UFT Solidarity’s Warning to Cease Attacks on School Community. Rally March 17th.


UFT Solidarity is a party of educator activists within the United Federation of Teachers. We exist because oftentimes our union does not. This is the case at PS 89 in the Bronx. Read More

Mission Statement

UFT Solidarity Caucus Mission Statement

We are committed:

THANK YOU: UFT Solidarity Caucus Slate Petitions for UFT 2016 Elections are IN!

Petitions for the 2016 United Federation Of Teachers Solidarity Caucus Slate have been officially submitted to the UFT Election Committee.

We can not thank the candidates enough for campaigning and speaking with real UFT Professionals about what UFT professionals envision are the next goals for the UFT.

We can not … Read More