Handy Guide to Understanding NYC DOE Jargon

Please find the web version of this guidebook by going here.

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UFT Member Grievances “Increase” Under de Blasio/Farina

There is not much to say here except that this is truly unfortunate. Contractual violations hurt members and often times hurt students and school communities. The UFT leadership went head to head with Mayor Bloomberg, or at least made like they did, and now have a cozy relationship with Mayor de … Read More

Delegate Assembly Summary, December 6th, 2017

Delegate Assembly December 6th, 2017

UFT President Michael Mulgrew’s Remarks

Federal Issues:
-Moment of silence for two deceased members, delegates including a Bronx librarian
-Thank you for Puerto Rico rally, helping to provide water purifiers for Puerto Rico
-Tax package looks like it will pass. Tax credits … Read More

Chapter Leader Update, December 1st 2017

This Week’s Focus

Unions defend tenure rights in appeals court hearing

Tenure rights of New York teachers were the focus of heated arguments in a Brooklyn courtroom on Nov. 30 as lawyers for the UFT and other unions pressed a state appeals court to … Read More

The Godfather of Fair Student Funding- Robert Gordon. Will the new UFT contract change the system?

Are you a staff member or parent who is wondering why schools are consistently hiring fresh out of college teachers and not retaining experienced staff members?

Look no further than Robert Gordon. He developed the Fair Student Funding for former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Chancellor Joel Klein. In sum and … Read More

Notes from UFT Delegate Assembly, November 8th, 2017

This is a summary of the DA from November 8th, which had a celebratory tone after the overwhelming victory of the No on Prop 1 campaign which could have negatively affected teachers’ pensions and right. Please note that the discussion below does not imply agreement by UFT Solidarity’s council or … Read More

Chapter Leader Weekly Update, November 3rd 2017

This Week’s Focus

Flip your ballot and vote NO on Prop #1 on Election Day

Because there are no hotly contested races at the top of the ticket this year, we anticipate that overall voter turnout will be low on Election Day. That’s why it’s essential that … Read More

Vote No On Proposition 1, Tuesday November 7th!

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Why should every NY State resident vote no?

By now, anyone who follows NY State politics knows that the Constitution requires a yes or no vote on the possibility of holding a constitutional convention every 20 years. On … Read More

Chapter Leader Update, October 20th, 2017

This Week’s Focus

Call members to remind them to vote NO on the constitutional convention

On Nov. 7, New York State voters will vote on a ballot referendum proposing a constitutional convention to amend the state’s constitution. It’s up to us to make sure they understand why … Read More

Chapter Leader Update, FRIDAY THE 13TH of October

This Week’s Focus

UFT files lawsuit to stop charter certification shortcut

The UFT and NYSUT filed a lawsuit on Oct. 12 to prevent the weakening of teacher certification standards after the SUNY Board of Trustees Charter Schools Committee voted the previous day to allow some charter … Read More

UFT Paperwork Issues Updates. Read. Post. Share.

Make sure you’re chapter leader has a consultation team that meets with the principal. Enforce rules and support members. 

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US Department of Labor Pulls Plug on UFT Investigation

As stated in the May 27, 2017 article below, UFT Solidarity, in an effort to finally make the election process fair, filed a number of election complaints against UFT Unity. Not only did the US Department of Labor (USDOL) decide to take the case, but the investigators hit the ground … Read More

Chapter Leader Update, September 29th, 2017

This Week’s Focus

Lump-sum payment coming in October paycheck

Because you have a union that fights for you, all UFT members now on payroll who worked for the Department of Education between 2009 and 2017 are being compensated for the two 4 percent raises that former … Read More

Chapter Leader Meeting at UFT Headquarters, Notes and Info, 9/27/17

Here is pertinent information from the opening meeting for chapter leaders, held at 52 Broadway on September 27th, 2017. Please note that this is just a record of what was said and does not imply agreement by the UFT Solidarity Causus, especially on the matter of the new evaluation system.

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Chapter Leader Weekly Update, September 8th, 2017

This Week’s Focus

Start the year off on the right foot

Welcome back to another school year! It’s important to start the school year off with the basic elements in place to ensure that your members have a voice in your school community and that you … Read More

Chapter Leader Weekly Update, June 23rd, 2017

This Week’s Focus

Nominate your school or a UFT member for a #PublicSchoolProud award

When U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos condemned public schools as “failing,” school communities across the city united in a campaign to show her the incredible teaching and learning that takes place every day in our … Read More

UFT Members Resort to Emailing HELP@UFTSOLIDARITY.ORG

Approximately a year ago, we created help@uftsolidarity.org. An email sent to that address is forwarded to over a dozen UFT Solidarity members. Read More

Chapter Leader Weekly Update, June 16th

This Week’s Focus

Apply for the UFT Chapter Advocate Program

Chapter leaders who would like extra support building their school chapters may apply to the UFT Chapter Advocate Program. A chapter advocate works in collaboration with your district rep to support you and your members in creating … Read More

A Handbook for DOE Staff Rated Under Old S/U System

It’s that time of year. No, not just summer vacation, but many will get their rating sheets. You may or may … Read More

Chapter Leader Weekly Update, June 2nd 2017

This Week’s Focus

Share a short clip of your school’s graduation

As Education Secretary Betsy DeVos pushes school vouchers as an alternative to “failing” public schools, it’s time to remind the public that New York City public schools have a record-high graduation rate. That’s why we are … Read More

Chapter Leader Update, May 26th 2017

This Week’s Focus

Send a letter to DeVos protesting her cruel education budget

The Trump-DeVos budget unveiled on May 23 is cruel to children and catastrophic to public schools. The Trump-DeVos budget slashes federal spending for teacher development, after-school enrichment, class-size reduction and career and technical education, … Read More

UFT Solidarity General Meeting Friday June 2nd

Solidarity continues to provided specific individualized support for members and schools. Our help@uftsolidarity.org email address has received over 240 emails from members since last year, in addition to many social media messages and calls. Why us when there’s a union paid by our dues? That’s what we want to … Read More

US Department of Labor to Investigate UFT Unity Election Practices

A year later, after jumping through hoops, and having nearly 16 alleged election violations dismissed by the UFT and AFT, the US Department of Labor has opened their own investigation. Read More

Report NYC DOE Substitute Teacher Abuse

UFT Solidarity members have heard, and witnessed, that some schools take away preps from substitute teachers. Substitutes are some of the most venerable … Read More